News & Events

  •   On October 16, 2019, the activities of the European InGE project were formally launched during the Kick off meeting, held in Municipality of Genoa Headquarters. The main objective of the meeting has been to analyze and deeply plan in details the project activities, with particular respect to the ones starting in the first months, and to coordinate them with the overall design of the intermodal node and  the monorail infrastructure.  
  • On October 2019, a collaboration has been launched with the IMOVE project ( coordinated by Softeco. On this occasion the projects were deeply examined, identifying relevant synergies and evaluating possible follow-up initiatives.
  • On November 2019, Softeco has taken the opportunity of the POLIS conference 2019, held in Brussels 27th-28th November, to present the project, giving some key informations about the objectives, the partners and the CEF Programme.
  • On November 2020 Davide Isola, DITEN University of Genoa, spoke on "Airport connection - New RFI station - Erzelli: a monorail for Genoa" during MOVE APP EXPO 2020: Innovation, Technologies and Energy Transition in Tpl, Genoa, November 24, 2020. Main topics of the event: Rapid mass transport projects and systems for LPT, Innovation in LPT (national framework and focus on Genoa), Energy transition towards electricity in LPT - national and international experiences compared.
  • On February 2021, Riccardo Genova - DITEN Department, University of Genoa spoke, during the Erzelli-Airport Connection session, attending  the conference "ERZELLI - The development of the city starts from the West" . The webinar had the purpose of illustrating the overall development of the area with particular emphasis on the connections with the new railway stop and the Cristoforo Colombo airport. Genoa, February 5, 2021.