Innovative Solutions for Intermodal Node Genoa Erzelli

On January 2021 the Municipality of Genoa presented to the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport an application for financing for access to resources destined for Rapid Transport of Mass to Fixed Plants as part of the" Fund for the relaunch of investments by the Central Administrations of State and the development of the country ". The projects presented concern interventions on the Metro line (extension to Rivarolo, completion of the Martinez / Terralba station and completion of the Corvetto station), the skytram in Val Bisagno and the construction of a "Monorail People Mover" monorail to connect the airport. C. Colombo with the Erzelli Science and Technology Park. This last infrastructure, for which the preliminary design has been finalized, will constitute a crucial intervention for the improvement of the functionality of the Erzelli node in the context of city mobility, favoring the connection of the Scientific Park, the interchange with the railway networks and local public transport, also taking into account the large flows of users that will be generated by the new settlements being planned in the area.